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""alex" == "alex jamestin+usenet@gmail com" <alex.jamestin@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

"alex> While the books are great - I saw this great idea over at the Python
"alex> community. Someone came up with a list of ten small programs in
"alex> python, each introducing a core part of the language. This was added
"alex> to the wiki over at - . It
"alex> now contains programs in incresing no. of lines of code.

"alex> That's a great way to quickly get up to speed on the feel and ways of
"alex> a language. Please do take a look and something like this for Perl
"alex> would be brilliant! :)
"alex> Since, I'm still getting to know the ropes, i thought i'd drop in this
"alex> request.

Why stop at 10? I have 250 programs (more or less) at

and 2 more every month. Plus, (eventually) all of my short talks are online
at Please take advantage of my existing free resources before
asking me to create more. :)

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