DBD::Oracle for perl testing issues

I am attempting to install DBD::Oracle for Perl. I am having some
difficulties though. During the make test procedure a number of my
tests fail. One of them is the 10general.t test.

It fails on lines 31 and 32 which has

is system("exit 1;"), 1<<8, 'system exit 1 should return 256';
is system("exit 0;"), 0, 'system exit 0 should return 0';

The errors states that both lines return a value of -1 instead of 256
and 0 respectively.

I don't understand why it would return such a thing because as far as
I can tell it should be returning the correct value. I am using a Unix
system with Solaris 9 and Oracle 10 installed.

Thanks for any help offerened