Re: Programming an interface with Perl

On Aug 1, 2:20 pm, darede...@xxxxxxxxxxx (Rafael Morales) wrote:

I'm using some design patterns (MVC, Observer, Strategy), with Perl,
however I see that I need to create some interfaces (watching examples
in Java and C++), but I don't know how to create these interfaces with
Perl, for example in Java this is done with this:

public interface SomeName () {
# some code

Is this possible with Perl or is there any other way for do it ???

For those of us who are Java-ignorant (and mostly proud of it),
perhaps you could describe what it is you actually want to do, rather
than just telling us how you would do it in another language.

"Interface" as a generic word means something completely different
than it means as a Java keyword, and I don't at all remember from the
one semester of Java I took 7 years ago what that meaning is.

Paul Lalli


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