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On Aug 4, 2:45 pm, kra...@xxxxxxxxx (John W. Krahn) wrote:
cold1...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I am new in perl. i want print 2 valuable in same line but my script
it print split into 2 line. if i hard code will work. i dont
understand why is happen. can some please explain to me thanks,

print "which client\n";
$a = <>;
$db = <>;
print "$avar";

When you use something like:

$a = <>;

you are getting the contents of $a from the command line and it will include a
newline at the end so when you see:

which client

and you type:


your perl program assigns the string "cold1man\n" to the variable $a. You
need to chomp the variables first before you can use them:

use warnings;
use strict;
print "which client\n";
my $a = <>;
chomp $a;
my $db = <>;
chomp $db;
my $dir="/u1/data/$a";
my $avar="$dir/$db;
print "$avar";

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can special-order certain sorts of tools at low cost and
in short order. -- Larry Wall

Thank it works :)