Re: How to check integrity of a webpage from perl

On Jul 27, 12:03 pm, rmalg...@xxxxxxxxx (Ravi Malghan) wrote:
Hi: I am looking to build a script that can go to a webpage, login with a username/password, download a page, perform a checksum comparison. Two things I am trying to accomplish.

1. Is the website is up
2. Has the website been compromised.

Others have given good suggestions to grab the page content, but I
just want to point out that your test will not determine if the site
has been compromised, only if it has been defaced. A cracker might
have installed all sorts of nasty backdoors and such that would never
show up on your webpage.

If you have the ability to ssh to your webserver and check the md5sum
of the programs themselves (instead of just their output) then this is
a preferable approach.

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