Invalid cursor state on second $sth->execute

I have written that a script that opens a cursor on a table in a DB2 database then processes each record in the result set inside a loop.

In the course of the loop I prepare and execute another SQL statement to get a maximum value from the same table for a given condition. This worked fine.

I then decided that to speed up the script I would prepare this lookup SQL outside the loop using placeholders, so I can just re-execute the same SQL with the different values plugged in each time.

I now find that on the second pass through the loop the execute of the pre-prepared SQL fails with the message :

DBD::DB2::db disconnect failed: [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0116E Invalid transaction state. SQLSTATE=25000

If I go back to prepare and execute each time through the loop there is no problem, but I think I am going to need the efficiency of using a pre-prepared SQL statement, so I would prefer a solution to the problem if anyone can shed any light.

Code snip follows.


my $last_rec = join("-", "xxxxxxxxx", "xxxxxxxxx", "xxxxxxxxx","xxxxxxxxx");
my $max_sequence = 0;

my $cursor = new Cursor($dbh, $table_ref->{TABLE_NAME},
my $where_clause = join(" ", "where sequence = \'0\'",
"and acctnum in (select bvrn from salond.registeredpayers)",
"order by acctnum,acctname,duedate,issuedate");

my $sql_max = join(" ", "select max(f.sequence)",
"from $table_ref->{TABLE_NAME} f",
"where f.acctnum=?",
"and f.acctname=?",
"and f.duedate=?",
"and f.issuedate=?",
"and f.sequence>'0'");
my $sth = $dbh->prepare($sql_max);

while (my $row = $cursor->fetch) {
my $this_rec = join("-",$row->{ACCTNUM},$row->{ACCTNAME},$row->{DUEDATE},$row->{ISSUEDATE});

if ($this_rec ne $last_rec) {
my @max = $sth->fetchrow_array;
$max_sequence = ($#max == -1) ? 0 : $max[0];

$cursor->set(SEQUENCE => $max_sequence);
my $updcount = $cursor->update;

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