Re: Finish the script in the time i want

On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 1:42 PM, Armin Garcia <saintarmin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

well i have a problem, i need to terminate some script in 20 minutes, but i
dont know how i can do this, i mean i run my script, but becouse this script
executes another application the only way to stop this aplication is with
"CTRL + C", but i want finish this script in 20 min and i dont want use cron
or at i want to do this with perl. If somebody knows how can i do this with
perl modules or use some function... please let me know....

Thanks for all

Take a look at alarm*. You may also wish for more control of your
external processes, and in that case you should look at fork**,
waitpid***, exec****, and kill*****.


Chas. Owens
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