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Subject: Reg. Directory listing program


I am new to this mailing list and I am very new to PERL. So,
please bear
with me for my questions.
I wrote a code that lists files in a directory with the
permissions. I am
coding for MS-Windows.
Here is my code:

*1 use strict;
2 use warnings;
3 use File::stat();
5 opendir (DH, "subcode") or die "$!";
6 foreach my $file(readdir DH)
7 {
8 my $perm=stat($file)->mode;

you need something like:
my $filestat = stat($file);
my $perm=$filestat->mode;
I was looking at Programming Perl and if you want to make sense
of the mode, then should 'and' with 07777 and print out using %04o (
octal output ), so something like:
my $perm=$filestat->mode & 07777;

but this will not work correctly unless you are already positioned on
the right directory location. So either you can do a chdir to
the folder
you are doing or a concatenate of "subcode" . $file to get the file
status correctly.

Wags ;)

9 print "$file\t$perm\n";

Then change print to
printf "$file %04o\n", $perm;

Wags ;)

10 }
11 closedir (DH);

*I am getting the listing of file just fine if I dont add
line 8. But as
soon as I try to display the permissions, I get this:

*Can't call method "mode" without a package or object reference at
C:\Documents a
nd Settings\Myself\Desktop\code\ line 8.

*What am I doing wrong!


Gunwant Singh

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