Re: how to reinvent "tar xvfz" with perl?

Siegfried Heintze (Aditi) wrote:

I need to automate some stuff and decided to use perl.

I have cygwin perl and activestate perl.

Below is my attempt. It does not work because I don't have perlIO::gzip installed.

When I tried

/bin/Perl -MCPAN -e 'install PerlIO::gzip'

The tests fail and it won't install.

When I try activestate perl's ppm.bat I don't see an any modules when I search for gzip (except for one called CGI-WebGzip which did not look like what I wanted).

Can someone help me reinvent "tar xvfz"?

Run ppm at the command prompt and do

rep tcool


rep up tcool

That will give you a new repository with many useful modules. And it has