Re: can perl program do this?

Ah, I see...

I think you have been misled by the name of the Net::Pcap lib, the lib is
meant to produce the file you are trying to poke around in.

I would do the follwoing.

- Use Net::SSH or similair to connect to the remote machine.
- On the remote machine use grep or similair to pull out the lines you
are intrested in and store those in an array/file or well what ever storage
you like on your side.
- Process the data on your own machine.

The advantage of this is that you only move the data you are intrested in
over the network and not the whole big file, thus reducing the network
trafic and maning your network admins happy as well. Because you have the
data on your side you can then do with it what you want without having to
rely on any software on the remote machine.

I hope this helps a bit,

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 9:06 AM, Richard Lee <rich.japh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Rob Coops wrote:

If you can make Net::Pcap connect to a remote server things will work
fine, I am not sure about using Net::Pcap to do this as I never used it and
from the description it seems to be a packet capture lib not so much a
communication one, but as I said if you can make it reach out and talk to
the other side you should be fine.
I think you will end up using somehting like Net::SSH or something like
that as these are more aimed at communication then Net::Pcap seems to be.
But in the end as long as the other side is listening on a port and you
can produce the required packets to get communication going you should be
fine, there is no need to have perl, or any perl libs on the other side all
that is needed is an open port that you can communicate with.
The thing that is listening on that port is what determins what you can
do, read email, open and interact with files or just browse a web page, perl
on your machine cannot change which process is listening on the other
In short I guess you can if the other machine is listening, but you might
want to use a more suitable lib for it.

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 8:41 AM, Richard Lee <rich.japh@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:
rich.japh@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

say I have big wireshark file based on remote server.

I want to logon to that server and using Net::Pcap to poke the
file and only grep out small portion of information which meets my
Remote server won't have Net::Pcap installed.

I wanted to write this program w/ Expect modules and Net::Pcap
module in my mind.
But since these things are only located in my local server, will
this work on remote server?

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local server(w/ Perl installed) -------------------> remote server(with
Pcap file I am interested in poking around)

if I launch a perl script from my local server(using say Net::SSH) and logs
onto remote server, my perl can poke around that file on remote server
using Net::Pcap.... ? So essentially in order to do this, I need to use 2
modules(to logon, and then parsing out the pcap file)

I am thinking about writing this but just not sure if it will work on
remote server