Re: need help on perl code

2009/6/16 Irfan Sayed <irfan_sayed2002@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi All,


I have perl script like this :

use strict;
use warnings;
use Cwd;
my $chver;
my $fina;

&chversion() should be kept as simply chversion();

sub chversion {
  print STDERR "Current directory is " . cwd() . "\n";
  print "Reading version file\n";
open (VER2, "<", 'D:\hudson\workspace\RTU_Trunk_Build_Official\Trunk\versions.txt') or die "Couldn't open versions.txt for reading: $!\n";
while (<VER2>) {
 print "$chver\n";
open (VER1, "+>", 'D:\hudson\workspace\RTU_Trunk_Build_Official\Trunk\Metrino\MonitoringSystem\Rtu\RtuInstallKit\EXFO RTU System\EXFO RTU System') or die "Couldn't open versions.txt for read/write: $!\n";
print "Hi\n";

I think you have a error in the open/while loop. According to
perlopentut (#Mixing Reads and Writes) the command is

open(SCREEN, "+> /tmp/lkscreen")
|| die "can't open /tmp/lkscreen: $!";

I suspect that your opened the file to write/append and then slurping
it in a while loop but it's not opened in the correct mode so there is
nothing coming in. So rather than using the 3 argument open, you want
the 2 argument as above.

while (<VER1>) {
 print "HI\n";
   if ($_ =~ m/"OutputFilename"/) {
    print "Match found\n";
       $fina =~ s/$_/{.*}$chver.msi/;

 print "$fina\n";
 close VER1;

This is just my opinion, I haven't tested anything :-0