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On Saturday 05 Mar 2011 08:53:49 Ramprasad Prasad wrote:
I have a web form where people sign up for updates by filling in their
email address

A lot of users end up not receiving the confirmation mailer because of
typos in the email id
Like or

I would like to prompt the user for a possible typo , like the google "Did
you mean this ? "
What is the best module I can use for suggestion

Well, you can try doing a DNS lookup but naturally, it's possible some people
have registered an MX address for "" or "", due to
phishing or as a parody, or because of a different reason. If you want to find
out if an email address exists in the remote host, I think you'll need to
initiate an SMTP connection.

Note that I suggest you allow the user to login again and to later on change
the password. Moreover, many modern browsers, will auto-fill a field based on
the name="...." attribute so you should set it to name="email".


Shlomi Fish

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