Re: Using regex special characters from a string

Thanks for the reading suggestions!

Brian Fraser wrote:
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Uri and Jim have hit upon one of my major stumbling blocks with
learning Perl. There seems to be a difference of opinion on the
proper times to use hashes vs. arrays/lists...and how best to use

>>Use a hash. When you think the words "unique" or "duplicated", think "hash keys".
Very informative! Also in the following section, "How can I tell whether a certain element is contained in a list or array? Hearing the word "in" is an indication that you probably should have used a hash, not a list or array, to store your data."
Also the Hashes chapter of Learning Perl has a section called something like "Why use Hashes," which seems fitting enough.
"counting words" is the fourth example :-) That section mentions that hashes are useful for related data, or database-like data, but wasn't entirely convincing for me because it didn't mention performance.
Same with the Hashes part of Modern Perl ( ), in the "The Perl Language" chapter.

For those that have heard of this book, I'm currently digesting
this piece of information:

Effective Perl Programming, 2nd Ed., Item 9: "Know the difference
between lists and arrays."

See Item 13: Use arrays or hashes to group data. Also, <>.
A useful read, but similar to Learning Perl, it doesn't mention the performance aspect. In this situation, I think the perlfaq provides the most convincing argument.

I don't know if others had this problem when learning Perl, but the TMTOWTDI "philosophy" sometimes makes it difficult for me to discover better ways of doing things after I find one clunky way that works (hence my recent purchase of Effective Perl Programming, with the intention of acquiring Perl Best Practices in the future).