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On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 8:49 AM, Irfan Sayed <irfan_sayed2002@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:


is there any way or module in perl to create the virtual drive in windows
lets say , i have to create M: mapped to c:\test

so i can use command subst M: c:\test

but still , is there any better way


Hi Ifran,

There should be a better way I am certain there is an API in Windows that
allows you to do this programatically. What you would then need to do is
call the API directly and avoid the command line mess. I am not sure if this
API is documented (I believe so as I vaguely remember reading it several
years ago), if it is you will find that it usually comes down to making a
simple call to the API, though this will be via a external library so it
will require some work and of course this is not something that will be very
portable or for that mater simple to write. So please do look at CPAN to see
if there maybe is already a module for this (I could not find one having
just had a quick look)

If there is no module for this yet please do share your implementation of
this API (if you decide to go the proper way) with the rest of us as it
would be very interesting to see how this is done.



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