Re: Sandboxing while I am learning

On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 4:44 PM, Marc <sono-io@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


So basically If I want to experiment and toy with different cpan apps
and so forth I can without messing up my perl install.

All you have to do is install cpanm for each version of Perl and
then you don't have to worry about them stepping on each other. With cpan
configured for each Perl, I have different environments depending on the
version and it works great.

This post may help:

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Personally I a ma big fan of virtual machines for this purpose I can install
many Perl versions, compile support of different database versions combine
with different apache versions and mods etc without having to even think
about what this might do to my Perl installation.

I keep my Perl installation clean and I can break what ever else I want by
messing with a virtual machine image of my machine. Once I am sure that what
I just did works as it should on the virtual machine I can copy the steps to
my real machine and execute the same steps knowing that it will work. Then
all you do is replace your virtual machine image and you can continue to
play on "your machine" without ever endangering your machine.

The multiple cpan installations is not bad it is dangerous in my opinion. I
have seen people go white as a sheet of paper once they realized that they
where not on the test but on the production machine and they just executed
an rm -rf on the application server directory...
The risk of such a simple mistake is even larger when all environments are
on a single machine. Therefore I would personally not advise this but that
might just be paranoid old me ;-)