DBD::Sybase prepare() with placeholders fails with ASE 11.0.x

From: Michael Peppler (mpeppler_at_peppler.org)
Date: 12/19/03

To: Sybperl-L Mailing List <sybperl-l@peppler.org>, dbi-users@perl.org
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 08:35:10 -0800

I've just discovered that DBD::Sybase 1.01 prepare() call with
placeholders will fail with

ct_result(ct_dynamic(CS_PREPARE)) returned -205 at
line 124.
DBD::Sybase::db prepare failed: Server message number=193 severity=15
state=4 line=1 text=The object or column name starting with '' is too
long. The maximum length is 10 characters.

when connected to an server (in my case the free
release for linux).

The reason is that in 1.01 I increased the length of the identifier used
when creating the temporary stored proc/dynamic statement, and that
identifier now exceeds the max limit of 10 characters that has.

A fix will be in 1.02, but in the meantime you can fix it by changing:

            sprintf(imp_sth->dyn_id, "DBD%d_%x", getpid(), (int)tt++);
            sprintf(imp_sth->dyn_id, "DBD_%x", (int)tt++);

around line 1990 of dbdimp.c and rebuilding.


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