RE: inserting XML Document into Oracle database using a stored procedure

I am a newbie in this, so not sure if I am asking the correct question?
If you guys need some specific information let me know.

The problem is I do not know what the problem is. I am not getting any
error message.

I expect the script to insert a xml document into the oracle database.

I have a stored procedure which is expecting a XmlType type parameter.

So in my perl script I create a XML::DOM object and then call the get
DocumentElement method which returns a DocumentElement which I bind with
the bind_param method. See code below.

my $infile = "designInfo.xml";
my $dom_parser = new XML::DOM::Parser;
my $doc = $dom_parser->parsefile($infile);


When I tried the above nothing happened.

$func1->bind_param(":param1",$doc->getDocumentElement(), { ora_type =>

When I tried the above line nothing happened

$func1->bind_param(":param1", "<test> foobar </test>", CLOB);

When I tried this I get the error wrong type being passed.


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Hariharan Venkata-Chinnaswamy wrote:

I am trying to insert a XMLType Xmldom.DOMDocument into the Oracle
database and I am stuck. Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Your post is like going to the doctor and just saying "I'm sick. Cure

What exactly is your problem? What exactly do you expect your script to
do? What does it instead? What error messages are returned?


Alexander Foken