Re: Prolog in a Java Tomcat environnement

From: Paul Singleton (
Date: 11/15/04

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    Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 13:50:48 +0000

    The JPL which is bundled with current (5.4.x) SWI-Prologs supports
    embedding SWI-Prolog in servlets, and I'll email you a sample web
    app which demonstrates this. There's some newish API, not yet
    finalised, which would simplify passing (references to) Java objects
    into Prolog, and you're welcome to try this out and comment on it.

    At this stage, it's all about enabling Prolog to respond to HTTP
    requests while getting the container (Tomcat or whatever) to do
    as much of the work as possible and factoring out other common stuff
    into a reusable interface. Not all design decisions are obvious
    (to me) and some fresh inupt and experience would be good.

    Responding with HTML content is a separate issue (the HTTP interface
    is MIME-type neutral) and you have various options...

    Paul Singleton

    Jan Wielemaker wrote:

    > In article <4194e1d8$0$15270$>, Djamé Seddah wrote:

    >>I plan to switch a treatment of ontology from JENA api to swi prolog
    >>based one.... but, all the programs are to be used under tomcat
    >>environnement so I was wondering :
    >>1) should I write wrapper classes in java and use the JPL environnement
    >>to run my prolog code
    >>2) should I use the Prolog server page system described here
    >>) but the system they describe doesn't seem to be available
    >>3° should I keep digging in google in order to look after some obscure
    >>system well integrated to tomcat ????
    >>Seriously, i'll be glad to discuss with people really invoveld on any
    >>work on ontologies with prolog or jena in order to confront our experience.
    >>In a second point, I really want to know if someone has ever integrated
    >>prolog code in a tomcat environnement.

    > Paul Singleton, one of the authors of JPL, actively uses SWI-Prolog/JPL
    > to embed SWI-Prolog in servlets. I think (not sure) the JPL
    > documentation explicitly addresses this issue. Most likely he'll be
    > willing to help.
    > ...

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