User interface related problem (XPCE/SWI-Prolog)

From: TK (
Date: 02/25/05

Date: 25 Feb 2005 10:01:37 -0600

Hi, I'm a bit of a novice in Prolgo so my question might be very
silly. I made a small prgramme in SWI-Prolog a while back and now I'm
building a user interface for it with XPCE. But, I have encountered a

When a predicate yielded more than one answer when running in the main
SWI-Prolog window I could just press ; to get the next until the end.
Now that I run virtually the same predicate and print the results in
a XPCE browser I only get the first answer and can't figure out how
to get it to print the rest.

Can anyone help?

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