Re: Are Logtalk objects "real" objects?...

On 09 Apr 2008 19:24:17 GMT, Jan Wielemaker <jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

InterProlog ( is lightweight
like PrologBeans. It runs on XSB, SWI and YAP and I think it is
bi-directional ("Mutual recursion and (Java) multithreading are
supported"). Never tried it. Never got complaints about it, so it is
either perfect or not much used :-)

I'm afraid this might not help much. Just that I've been in most corners
and there is no perfect solution :-(

I am using SICStus because if its excellent CLP(FD) library. Taking
into the account the investment we made in not portable code (tens of
thousands of lines) it is unlikely that we switch to other

For me, the best candidate for multi-platform Prolog development would
be Jinni from BinNet - if they make decision to implement CLP(FD) and
this implementation would be as good as SICStus.