Extensional DCG Test Cases

Dear All,

I am looking for extensional DCG test cases. Means
test cases that check the right functioning of a DCG
processor in terms of the behaviour of the resulting
converted rules, and not in terms of its desugaring

I think I saw some such test cases once on the net.
But I lost track of them. Now I only find the following
test cases:

(Same here: http://www.sju.edu/~jhodgson/wg17/dcgs.pdf)

But they are only perpherically and intensional, i.e.
they test whether desugaring, the conversion, succeeds
or gives an error. They even don't show what the conversion
result should be, which doesn't bother me since I am
anyway looking for extensional DCG test cases.

Any pointers welcome.


This one shows the conversion, but it is still intensional
and not extensional:
And it has for example:

expand(( a(4)-->[98] ),
(a(4, S0, S1):- 'C'( S0,98, S1))).
expand(( a(28)--> \+b,c ),

But many Prolog systems use a different approach for terminals,
negation, etc.. in DCG. So an extensional test suite would
be more handy.