python installation with "linuxthread"

From: Silver An (
Date: 11/19/03

Date: 19 Nov 2003 00:53:55 -0800


Always I get many help form here , thanks.

I am developing appl. with pyfltk extention.(fltk extention module) as
a gui
To handle network event , pyfltk gui event and others, I need a
couple of thread.
For example
   1. thread for pyfltk
   2. thread for network event
   3. ...

Once pyfltk thread got the control, It never toss the control to
other threads.

Natually Appl. never work properly.

There could be some solution for that.
One of them is to modify "fltk" to generate some event(signal, timer
...) and I am thinking it is not a good idea because of performance
will be down.
And another alternative is
chainging python's "pthread" to "linuxthread".
 It would work fine I guess, because pthread is usre-thread
and linuxthread is kernel thread.

so here is question
1. Is it a nice approch to change python's thread module to
linuxthread ?

2. and it is ture, How ? "--with-threads=[Directory]" option is the
right option?


            from Silver , Korea(S).