Re: root password in a .py script

From: Paul Rubin (//phr.cx_at_NOSPAM.invalid)
Date: 03/13/04

Date: 12 Mar 2004 20:39:25 -0800

Ben Finney <> writes:
> No, that makes the increasingly incorrect assumption that the passwords
> are stored and accessed via those files. Many systems use NIS or LDAP
> or other protocol-based account table management methods, and the
> 'passwd' command is often set up to use that method. Affecting /etc/*
> files in such a case would have no effect on the root password.

The OP isn't asking about how to do it on "many systems", he's asking
how to do it on a specific system (Mac OS X). If he can find a way that
works on that system, he doesn't have to worry about other systems.

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