Parrot for Python

From: Sridhar R (
Date: 04/03/04

Date: 3 Apr 2004 02:51:48 -0800


I come across the Parrot project. Seems like it is a better
compromising alternative for .NET and Java. That is, we can develop
applications in Python (for productivity) and still can interact with
components written in other languages, as they were compiled to the
parrot byte code.

But my concern is, how will Python interoperate with Parrot. Since,
Python has strong interospection, won't it be difficult to generate
parrot code from python source file.

For doing a simple attribute reference,
a.b = 10

the parrot code will be bigger (dict find, get, assign ...)

Another question.

Why is Java so popular than Python. Are the technologies for Java
available for Python (no ... no jython)? We can implement them in
python if we want. But the difference is speed.