Re: Parrot for Python

From: Roger Binns (
Date: 04/03/04

Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 10:03:23 -0800

> Why is Java so popular than Python.

Java is a great solution for server side stuff. It has the same respect
as C++ gets (ie people and PHB's do consider it a "real" language/environment).
The class libraries are *way* more advanced than the Python ones. For example
compare Python's imaplib with javamail. (Hint: Python pretty much just gives
you raw protocol back and you have to figure out what is going on).

Other libraries such a JNDI, Activation, JMF etc don't even exist in
Python. Have a look at this page:

And this one:

In many cases there are similar libraries for Python, or more often
multiple incomplete (incomplete by comparison to Java) implementations
out there.

Now sometimes you don't need such complete libraries, and Python lets
you get the problem solved quicker. Other times you have to augment
someone else's library component, which would have been time better
spent on your own code.


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