a little problem

From: tru (trushe_at_tut.by)
Date: 04/10/04

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 11:10:48 +0400
To: python-list@python.org

I'm not a specialist in Python and it occured so that my tutor gave me
the task to write server part of a site in Python using CGI scripts,
which should have next functions: connecting to database and putting
there messages ot users, also it will be the possibility for tester to
check this base and I should write a simple interfase.Would you advise
me what should I start with, because I got known about Python only from
his words two weeks ago. Please, do not advice me to read a lot of
books before bothering you , he gave me too little time to learn it and
to do it . One more thing-- I'm a student. )
  best wishes , Tru.