Re: pdf2txt

From: Aurelio Martin (
Date: 05/28/04

Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 09:21:07 +0200

B P wrote:
> Is there a way via Python or even Perl to capture records from a pdf and
> output a delimited text file? My work has a situation with a trunk
> load of data forms that were scanned as pdfs.
> The data needs to be taken from the forms and moved into a database, so
> I figure that comma-delimited format will work fine. The amount of
> man-hours it would take to manually do this is very cost-prohibitive for
> what we have to work with.
> I know that a txt2pdf exists, was checking to see if the opposite would
> as well.
> BP

You may try XPDF

They include source code and some utilities like pdfimages of pdftotext.
Maybe you can call these from Python, or link via a C extension.

Hope this helps