Re: what editor do you use?

From: Lucas Raab (
Date: 06/29/04

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 00:05:14 GMT


"Michele Simionato" <> wrote in message
> Sticks <> wrote in message
> > i'm new to python and i was wondering what editors people prefer to use
> > and why.
> The Lord of the Editors or One Emacs to Rule Them All
> by Raffael Cavallaro
> Knuth's Tex for the Math-kings of sigma, and pi,
> Unix vim for the Server-lords with their O'Reilly tomes,
> Word for Mortal Men doomed to die,
> Emacs from the Bearded One on his Gnu throne,
> In the land of Stallman where free software lies.
> One Emacs to rule them all. One Emacs to find them,
> One Emacs to take commands and to the keystrokes bind them,
> In the land of Stallman, where free software lies.