[ANNOUNCE] PyKota v1.21 Final is out

From: Jerome Alet (alet_at_librelogiciel.com)
Date: 03/07/05

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    Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 00:46:48 +0100

    Hi there,

    I'm pleased to announce the availability of PyKota v1.21 Final.

    PyKota is a Print Quota and Accounting solution for CUPS and LPRng,
    available from :


    PyKota's original distribution method consists in providing Official
    tarballs, DEB and RPM packages for a yearly fee of 20 US$ (minimum),
    while letting everyone download Unofficial versions of this software
    free of charge by using Subversion (aka svn)

    PyKota is written in the Python language and published under the terms
    of the GNU General Public License of the Free Software Foundation.

    List of changes since 1.20 :

      - Support Contracts are now available from :
      - Third party administration tools like phpPykotaAdmin appeared and
        begin to be useable.
      - Simplified installation script. Independant script to check for
      - Integrated pre/post banners (CUPS only).
        Banners can be either static files, executables, or pipes. PyKota
        includes a default tool to generate customizable banners on the
        fly with accounting information. Banners can be accounted for or
        not, depending on a runtime configuration directive which can be
        set on a per printer basis if needed.
      - The data dumper is now also available as a CGI script, and
        can dump the job history into CUPS' page_log format (even when
        using LPRng instead of CUPS). This allows real time integration
        of other tools like phpPrintAnalyzer and the like.
      - The output of the data dumper is now independant of the database
        backend being used. This allows third party tools like phpPykotaAdmin
        to integrate it easily.
      - Each user can now have an overcharging (or underchaging) factor,
        used when computing the cost of a print job.
      - Duplicate jobs can be denied automatically on a per printer basis.
      - Added an email gateway to allow end users to query their
        quota information by mail.
      - The location of the configuration files is now configurable.
      - Improved security and documentation.
      - Automated disconnect/reconnect in case of LDAP timeouts.
      - Added TLS support for LDAP.
      - Several new configuration directives added, see the sample configuration
        file for details.
      - Improved --prototype command line option to edpykota : it can now
        use most user/group attributes as the prototype for new users/groups.
      - Improved the internal Page Description Languages parsers.
      - Turkish and Traditional Chinese translations were added.
      - Many bug fixes and improvements.

      - Development moved from CVS to Subversion.

      - For the first time, three people were given a developer access.
    NB : The database's structure changed, so don't forget to run the upgrade
    script if you use PostgreSQL, or to copy the new LDAP schema into your
    LDAP server's schemas directory if you use LDAP.
    Many Many thanks to the numerous sponsors of the project, as well
    as to the following contributors :

            - Matt Hyclak
            - Stefan Wold
            - Baris Cicek
            - Tsang Yu Pong
            - Marcus Flávio de Lima
            - Kanakorn Horsiritham
            - Wilson Roberto Afonso
            - Klaus Ade Johnstad
            - Jurandy Martins
            - Sergio González González

    The full list of features is available from :


    Thank you for reading !

    Jerome Alet

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