Re: SSL (HTTPS) with 2.4

Thanks for the update. I will/can keep you posted. I know for a fact we use a Squid proxy which sounds like what you are using. I am going to check out the faq you sent and see what it comes up with. I have also been perusing the net a bit and looking at other client packages and see if they work, such as cURL etc.



Bloke wrote:

It seems I'm not the only one going nuts here.  I have just spent the
last 4 hrs stepping through the code in the debugger.  It seems to get
stuck somewhere in the socket module (when it calls ssl) but haven't as
yet figured out exactly where.

I am _very_ interested to find that you have the same prob with a
non-authenticating proxy.  I had considered I was doing something wrong
with the authentication, but from what you say, and from what I have
deduced from the code, it is not the authentication that is at fault.

Like you, a standard browser works fine, so I'm inclined to think there
is something buggy with the way the sockets module talks to the proxy.
There has been some suggestion that it may me a 'Microsoftish' proxy
which is at fault, but I believe it is a Squid proxy our company uses.

There is an interesting note here (  setcion 11.34 )
regarding malformed https requests sent through Squid with buggy
clients.  It may be worth looking into.

Anyway, if you have any luck, _please_ let me know - I'm getting

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