Re: pictures as characters in a Tk text box?

PERFECT!!! Thanks so much!

Simon Forman wrote:
Jay wrote:
This may be really obscure, but I had a dream about programming
something like this, so don't blame me. Is it possible to take a small
image or icon and display it as a character in a Tk text box? Think
how Thunderbird displays text smilies as actual smiley icons. Or how
in AIM as you type a smiley, it replaces it with the picture. Does
anyone know how to display these specifically in a Tk text box? Thanks.

Dreaming in Python, eh? Maybe you should take a break. ;-)

Sure, quoting the link below: "You can put an image or bitmap into a
text widget. It is treated as a single character whose size is the
natural size of the object."

You can also embed any Tk widget in a Tk Text widget, including
ImageTks and widgets with bitmaps.