Re: XSLT speed comparisons

If your using python 2.4.3 or essentially any of the 2.3, 2.4 series,
i'd test out PyScripter as an IDE, it's one of the best that I've used.
Unfortunately, they have yet to fully accomedate 2.5 code (you can
still write 2.5 code with almost no problems, but you won't be able to
use a 2.5 interactive interpeter).

Good Luck

Damian wrote:
Sorry about the multiple posts folks. I suspect it was the "FasterFox"
FireFox extension I installed yesterday tricking me.

I had a brief look at libxml(?) on my Ubuntu machine but haven't run it
on the server.

I'll look into pyrxp Larry.

I have to say I'm struggling a little with the discoverability and
documentation side of things with Python. I realise that
discoverability is purported to be one of its strong sides but coming
from the Visual Studio IDE where Intellisense looks after everything as
you are typing and you can see exactly what methods are available to
what class and what variables are required and why what I've seen so
far is not that flash.

I've installed Eclipse with Pydev (very impressive) on my Linux box and
am using IDLE on Windows and it could just be my lack of familiarity
that is letting me down. Any other IDE recommendations?

I'd be keen to test pyrxp and libxslt but may need help with the code -
I spent literally hours yesterday trying to make a 20-line bit of code
work. To make things worse I started with 4suite in Ubuntu and it
refused to work with an error about not being able to find
or something. Googled for hours with no luck.

That said, I really want to make the switch and so far Python looks to
be the best choice.