Re: My Python annoyances

Chris Mellon wrote:
#python is one of the most accepting communities around. If the bug
reports here and the way you've presented them in this thread (vs the
way that they appear to an outside observer) are any indication,
though, I'm not surprised that you might have left in a huff.

Bear in mind that #python has no special status with regards to python
development and is primarily a community of *users*. If you go in with
some sort of thing you consider a problem, you are likely to be shown
a solution. Debate over whether it should be fixed in the core is
likely to be met with "patches accepted".

I generally use IRC for idle chat and mulling over problems, and I realize it would be the wrong place to ask for a change. At the time I was talking about XML in the Python library. I was informed that I was unwise to read 3rd party documentation for the Python library. I get "Don't complain about documentation we didn't write" instead of "Yeah it's broken, use pyxml instead."

It is problem report #1678102. I understand the problem: that a 32 bit
number looks different in a 32 bit signed int than in a 64 bit signed
int. However, the workaround of dropping a bit seems to defeat the
purpose of using a CRC.

That's a valid point. Maybe you should have responded on the tracker
with that viewpoint. Your characterization of what happened in your
original post borders on dishonest - how can you possibly view what
happened there as "bug reports not welcomed"?

I made a mistake when I first read the response: it does not drop any bits.

In the bug report itself, I saw a diagnosis of my problem's cause, and then I saw the bug report closed as invalid. I did not know why the bug was flagged invalid and closed, because I received no comment from the person who closed it. I assumed that I should not have filed the bug report.

Feedback in this newsgroup names my bug report as a "hobby horse", a "wart", and "not a real bug report". I apologize for this noise over such a small issue. It is clear now that real bug reports are welcome.

Code like this is working directly against Python philosophy. You
probably got told this on #python, too. There's hardly any
circumstance where you should need to validate the exact class of an
object, and as long as they have the same interface theres no harm
whatsoever in tempfile changing it's return value between Python

I am unqualified to comment on the Python philosophy, but I would like for my function to do some basic error checking on its arguments. I will read up on the Python philosophy.