RE: To Troll or Not To Troll

I still would have to call your management of the problem considerably
into question - your expertise at writing mathematical software may
not be in question, but your skills and producing and managing a
software product are. You have nobody at your organization, which
sells a product that relies on Python, who follows python-dev? Or who
even reads the changelogs for new python versions? You should have
known about the "as" keyword change *over a year ago*, even if the
import bug was masking the deprecation warning. Everything else aside,
I can't get past that issue with your complaints. I *have* gone back
now and read all the posts in all the threads and I still have not
seen a single post from you even hinting that you might have any
responsibility in the matter.

Well then, let me set the record straight on that one point:

I admit that it was entirely my mistake (and mine alone) to implicitly
assume, by adopting such a logging & persistence architecture (dating
back to 1.5.2, mind you!), that new keywords would not be introduced
into the Python language so as to potentially break all existing Python

Silly me! How unreasonable.