Re: cross compile Python to Linux-ARM

On Thu, 19 Mar 2009, jefm wrote:

We are looking to use Python on an embedded Linux ARM system.
What I gather from googling the subject is that it is not that
straight forward (a fair amount of patching & hacking).
Nobody out there that has done it claims it is easy, which makes me

From my ocassional googling, I was quite convinced that ARM (and
StrongARM) were well supported targets. Besides Debian, already mentioned
by OPs, you can also try Familiar Linux Distribution, aimed at
StrongARM-based devices:

They have a wiki, maybe you can find some pointers there:

(or is it safer to wait for industrial spec Intel Atom boards to avoid
the cross compilation altogether ?

Depends. If you know for sure when they are going to be here and if they
will be price-performance-competitive.

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