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Baris Demir wrote:
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Baris Demir wrote:
Hi all,

I need to develop a GUI for some scientific data processing operations and this GUI should work well with a 3D plotting module, also with NumPy and SciPy for sure. I made a search about packages but, there are plenty of these modules available. What kind of a package or a package of packages might be the best way for this work. BTW I do not want to use MayaVi. It is too much actually.
What do you mean by "too much actually" ?
What's the GUI you had in mind ?
What kind of scientific data processing do you've in mind ?


I am quite experienced about python programming but this is going to be my first GUI design. I need to draw some 2D graphs (also capability for 3D graphs might be very delicious) and do some mathematical operations on them like adding, substracting, smoothing, integration, detecting peak points and marking them, fourier transformations and etc. on WindowsXP. And then I want to convert this python code into a .exe by using py2exe. I said Mayavi is too much for me because I thought that it would be more likeyl to have problems while using a big package like MayaVi with py2exe.
Two obvious choices are wxPython + MatPlotLib and/or VPython or PyQt, depends on what license you're after.
Maybe interesting to know that a number of guys are creating MatLab-like environements, search the scipy newsgroup.
You can also find some m-file to numpy converters (in case you might have m-files already).
And I can assure you, there are 2 packages which will give you trouble with py2exe: numpy and matplotlib.

btw if you choose wxPython, download the demo first, and you might even be interested in a simpler way to create GUIs,

good luck,