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Oh, forgotten to mention. It's PostGres

        Really? There are still installations of an RDBMS that predates the
commonalization of SQL?

        I suspect you mean PostgreSQL -- it IS a different beast from the
older Postgres.

O, yeah. Of course it is PostgreSQL

        In either event -- my old books don't show an "all in one" solution.

        Best answer is probably to create some stored procedures which you
call instead of plain INSERT; the stored procedure could then do
whatever is needed to check for a duplicate (actually the easiest, I'd
think, would be: if primary key is supplied, it is an UPDATE; if primary
key is NULL or not supplied, it is an insert and the primary key will be

I don't really like the idea of stored procedure, because query would
depend on existence of it then. On the other side, it looks like best

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