Best practise for dual stack programming in python


The organisation that I currently work for has a large number of 'legacy' tools and scripts which rely entirely on IPv4. Many of them have been written and not documented etc. The organisation is in the process of moving to a dual stack environment over the next 3 months. With that in mind many of our scripts need to be rewritten and documented. I have been looking at moving from a mix of languages over to a standard which at this point is looking like it will be Python (because I am most familiar with it). I have never done any dual stack coding so I am interested to know if there are any good resources for developing dual stack python code?

I have had a look around and have found very little on the python web page which makes me worry. Does anyone have any recommendations on web pages to read or books to look at?

Any additional advice would be really appreciated.


Jimmy Stewpot.