Re: Change one list item in place

Gnarlodious wrote:
On Dec 1, 6:23 am, Jean-Michel Pichavant <jeanmic...@xxxxxxxxxxx>
what about

def query():
return ["Formating only {0} into a string".format(sendList()[0])] +

However this solution calls sendList() twice, which is too processor

You got to get rid of those nerd habits of unecessary optimization. To put it simple, you just don't give a [put whatever suitable word] to the overhead of 2 calls of sendList instead of one.
Until query is called a million time a second, there's no need to sacrifice anything on the optimization altar, because no one will never ever see the difference.

You can find my solution not that readable, that would be a proper reason for not using it. It's up to you.