Decorate un Frame with window managers title bar, etc en Tkinter 8.5


I use python 3.1 and Tkinter 8.5 in Ubuntu 9.10

I would like to turn a frame into a toolbox,
,and for that I read that you can use the command wm manage (window)

The information can be found at:

the explanation says:

wm manage widget:
The widget specified will become a stand alone top-level window.
The window will be decorated with the window managers title bar,
etc. Only frame, labelframe and toplevel widgets can be used
with this command. Attempting to pass any other widget type will
raise an error. Attempting to manage a toplevel widget is benign
and achieves nothing. See also GEOMETRY MANAGEMENT.

I have tried to use it in Tkinter but I can not know how is its

In Tkinter should be:

---TEST CODE-------------------

from Tkinter import

master = Tk()
frame = Frame(master)


But this does not work.

I appreciate any of this item


Cristian Abarzúa