Re: WxPython versus Tkinter.

On Jan 24, 1:34 pm, MRAB <pyt...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'd like to invoke Godwin's law at this point.

Actually no. And i'll give good reason.

Tyler's argument, which lacked greatly in compassion for people with
disabilities brought out my accusation. It was not an accusation meant
to merely insult just to invoke a flame war; which is the definition
of Godwins Law.

It is a fact that Tyler displayed despicable intolerance for people
who have disabilities and such a correlation to totalitarian regimes
was not only the correct response but in fact the only response to
such veiled hate speech. We cannot allow such displays to slip by
unchallenged by this community. And hopefully Tyler will see the
unjust position he has taken and beg for forgiveness.