Re: WxPython versus Tkinter.

On Jan 24, 3:47 pm, Neil Hodgson <nhodg...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

   Making Tk as accessible as Windows or GTK+ would be a huge job.

Not if we used the underlying MS library! Windows has such a rich
library why not use it? Why must we constantly re-invent the wheel?
Windowing GUIs are not recent technology. These things have been
around for decades. When are we going to agree on a damn standard. Is
it not far passed time to drop the selfishness and work together? I
said it before...

"Multiplicity is very important in emerging systems however at some
point we must reign in the madness else entropy will destroy the
entire system."

Selfishness = Multiplicity = Entropy = Shock = Stagnation = None