Re: unicode by default

Terry Reedy wrote:
Is there a unix linux package that can be installed that
drops at least 'one' default standard font that will be able to render
all or 'most' (whatever I mean by that) code points in unicode? Is this
a Python issue at all?

Easy, practical use of unicode is still a work in progress.

Apparently... the good news for me is that SBL provides their unicode font here:

I'm getting much closer here, but now the problem is typing. The pain with unicode fonts is that the glyph is tied to the code point for the represented character, and not tied to any code point that matches any keyboard scan code for typing. :-}

So, I can now see the ancient text with accents and aparatus in all of my editors, but I still cannot type any ancient Greek with my keyboard... because I have to make up a keymap first. <sigh>

I don't find that SBL (nor Logos Software) has provided keymaps as yet... rats.

I can read the test with Python though... yessss.

m harris