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My experience is that comments in Python are of relatively low
usefulness. (For avoidance of doubt: not *zero* usefulness, merely

I've seen plenty of comments who's usefulness was not zero. It was
less than zero.

Someone once taught me, "There is one thing worse than having no
comments in the source code: having incorrect (or 'lying') comments
in the code."

Grant, I guess you hint at such comments?

Yes. :)

When trying to find a bug in code written by sombody else, I often
first go through and delete all of the comments so as not to be

The comments reflect what the author _thought_ the code did
_at_some_point_in_the_past_. What matters is what the code actually
does at the present.

I'm going to share this thread, and the funny slideshow about Uncomment your code, with
my team at work :-)
We're not a Python shop so I'm probably the only one reading this, but as usual there is
a lot of wisdom going on in this newgroup that is not only applicable to Python.