Re: How to get return values of a forked process

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 12:26 PM, Ian <ian.lake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
myForkedScript has code like this:
if fail:

Is using os._exit() the correct way to get a return value back to the
main process?

sys.exit() is the preferred way.

I thought the value 'n', passed in os._exit(n) would be the value I
get returned. In the case of a failure, I get 256 returned rather
than 1.

According to the docs, on Unix:

Wait for completion of a child process, and return a tuple containing
its pid and exit status indication: a 16-bit number, whose low byte is
the signal number that killed the process, and whose high byte is the
exit status (if the signal number is zero); the high bit of the low
byte is set if a core file was produced.

And on Windows:

Wait for completion of a process given by process handle pid, and
return a tuple containing pid, and its exit status shifted left by 8
bits (shifting makes cross-platform use of the function easier).

(256 >> 8) == 1

However, I would advise using the subprocess module for this instead
of the os module (which is just low-level wrappers around system