Re: Implicit initialization is EXCELLENT


I agree with the contents of this post.

I see a similar problem with API's requiring to initialize all kinds of data using setters/properties instead of receiving it in the initializer (or constructor).

Python generally follows this design. Apart from files, I can't easily think
off the top of my head of any types that require a separate
open/start/activate call before they are usable.

database connections, network connections, spawning expensive processes/threads, things that benefit from lazy evaluation...

Now, I have an ulterior motive in raising this issue... I can't find the
original article I read! My google-fu has failed me (again...). I don't
suppose anyone can recognise it and can point me at it?

My sarcasm detector warns me not to add a link, although perhaps it's time for recalibration (after all, summer season started) :-)

Best regards,

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