Re: Tabs -vs- Spaces: Tabs should have won.

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On 2011.07.18 01:51 PM, Dotan Cohen wrote:
Let me see if I understand: because there exists a possibility that
someone might want (not need) to edit code on a telephone to make a
quick edit to code being interpreted on that machine, _all_ Python
code should limit itself to a line width that may or may not wrap on
a telephone screen?

Is that the argument in favor of an 80-character line width?
I doubt that's /the/ argument. I speculated that it's one of the reasons
that a column limit still has relevance. I did not say that I thought
the argument had merit; I make no judgment either way. Also, I'm sure
more than quick edits are done on these phones. Depending on the focus
of the project, it may be best to do most, if not all testing on that

Personally, I think that 80 is pretty arbitrary now, and not the best
limit. I'm more comfortable with 120-130 myself. In any case, Python
won't complain about how many characters are on a line, and that's the
way it should be.

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