Re: deepcopy does not work for A subclassed list

On 07/10/2011 20:29, txismis unzetabarrenetxeagoikolea wrote:
This is the issue

I have created a mylist class by subclassing a List, added several
attributes to mylIst , and overrided the append method which takes into
account one of the new attributes.

mylist class is functional and works as I planned, but when I try to
deepcopy objects from mylist I received errors because the attribute has
not been copied and the override append raise an error.

When I want to deepcopy one object from mylist the algorithm does not
take into account the attributes I created; ergo, I have some errors
from the copy module

I can use pickle to dump and load objects from my subclass with no errors.

Any ideas about how to make the copy module to behave as expected.

The documentation talks about defining a "__deepcopy__" method.