Re: Questions about LISP and Python.

On Dec 6, 10:58 am, Ian Kelly <> wrote:

(snip... beautiful retort)

Ian you make some damn good points and i could not help but laugh
hysterically at your dissection of Xah's tutorial. I don't 100% agree
with everything Mr. Lee rants about, like for instance, documents
needing to hyper link every possible sub-subject in every possible
subject -- we'd end up with a spaghetti mess of links. Besides,
students should follow a "linear" learning curve and not haphazardly
jump from subject to subject.

However, that being said, what does it prove when you can dissect
someones rant with elegant irony? It simply means that no ONE person
can write great documentation. They say... "it takes a village to
raise a child"... Hmm, i believe it takes a community to create good

Q: Do we have a "community" here? Hmm, more on that later...

I truly believe that Mr. Lee wants to make Python a better language,
and many other languages also! However he has experienced so much
resistance to his comments that he has (like many among us) developed
what Psychologists call "learned helplessness".

Xah: "I found a problem"
Communty: "Well write a freaking patch or shut the hell up!
Xah: "Why bother, you will just throw it in the trash to spite me no
matter how good it is."
Commuinty: "You're lazy, you just want to complain"
Xah: "But, that's all you will allow me to do!"

Who's fault is it that Xah is not a productive part of this community?
Hmm? Do we just take the easy way out an blame Xah? Or do we need to
observe our "collective" attitudes to perceived "outsiders"?

I believe this community has a cancer. A cancer that is rotting us
from the inside. A cancer that has metastasis and is spreading like
wild fire.

*Inquisitive Joe asked:* What is the source of this cancer Rick?

The source is a direct result of insufficient leadership. Our current
leader has failed us. Maybe he never wanted to be a leader, but when
you go and declare yourself a "benevolent dictator for life" you'd
damn well better act like one!

Why has GvR not admonished the atrocious behavior of some people in
this community? Why has GvR not admitted publicly the hideous state of
IDLE and Tkinter? Where is the rally call? Where is the community
spirit? The future of Pythin is in your hands Mr. Van Rossum. Will you
step up and do what needs to be done? Will you have the courage? i
sincerely hope so. If not, please step down and allow someone to lead.
I await the supreme commanders ascent to power.