Need help with shutils.copytree

I have a 'master' directory and a collection of 'slave' dirs. I want the master to collect all of the stuff in the slave dirs.

The slaves all look like this,

|-- slaveX
| `-- archI
| | `-- distJ
| | | ` -- FILE

Where the different slaveX dirs may contain multiple occurrences of archI and distJ, but across all slaveX dirs, there will only be one *unique* instance of FILE in archI and distJ.

Here's an example: Given slave[1234], arch1 and arch2, and dist1 and dist2, I want master to end up looking like this:

|-- master
| `-- arch1
| | ` -- dist1
| | | ` -- FILE
| `-- arch1
| | ` -- dist2
| | | ` -- FILE
| `-- arch2
| | ` -- dist1
| | | ` -- FILE
| `-- arch2
| | ` -- dist2
| | | ` -- FILE


In bash, I might use cpio passthrough mode and say something like:

for slave in ${slaves}
pushd $slave
find . -print | cpio -pdum $master

but I'm having a hard time trying to get this functionality in python. (I'm trying to avoid writing a subprocess.)

I tried using shutil.copytree with a try / except that does a pass on OSError (which is what gets raised when trying to create a dir that already exists). No joy there. I also tried an ignore function that always returns ().

Someone must have done this before. Any suggestions / pointers are much appreciated.

(I hope this was clear to read.)


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